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Streamlined Collections automates early stage contact and provides a more effective past due account targeting strategy to reduce delinquencies and write-offs.

Aspect understands these industry pressures better than most. In fact, 4 out of the top 5 global commercial banks trust us with their customer service, collections and sales strategies. We help organizations turn routine interactions into strong customer connections and find better ways to bring people and information together to improve the customer experience in the face of demands for expanded mortgage lending service and choices.

Key Capabilities

  • Consistent Experiences:Deliver a consistent experience across all channels (voice, SMS, mobile, web, and social channels) when borrowers engage, inquire, and request service – whenever, wherever, and via whatever channel suits them
  • Dynamic and Intelligent routing:Route new applicants and existing borrowers to the best mortgage specialist to handle the inquiry, no matter the geographical location
  • Same Agent Routing:Deliver customers to the same specialist they had previously to provide service or loan application continuation for better borrower experiences
  • Account Management:Offer personalized account management, allowing mortgage customers to quickly check their balances, lookup recent transactions, request payoff balance, make a payment, request a statement and more
  • Mobile Self-Service:Enable mortgage customers to use IVR, SMS, mobile web apps, or even social networks to conveniently find their closest branch or ATM or start the mortgage application process
  • Proactive Customer Care:Send proactive outbound voice, SMS text and email reminders about upcoming or past due loan payments and proactively alert new applicants of mortgage/loan application status progression. Customers of low escrow balances, potential fraud, and completed tax and insurance payments can also receive updates.
  • Outbound Strategies:Leverage best-time-to-call and right party validation to maximize contact rates and increase agent productivity while trying to collect mortgage debt repayments
  • Compliance:Avoid costly fines and compromised customer relationships due to non-compliance by managing obtained consent for mobile numbers, providing opt-out options and identifying and segmenting wireless numbers
  • Workforce Management:Staff the right agents, with the right skills, at the right time to capture more new mortgage applicants and deliver better service to existing customers
  • Agent Coaching:Benefit from monitoring calls in real-time for certain pre-defined spoken or omitted phrases that conform to a business rule or regulation so supervisors can intervene as warranted
  • Back Office:Pass data easily between the front and back office, providing workflow visibility across all channels and reducing the complexity of borrower and mortgage specialist interactions


Application Component

  • Aspect Unified IP
  • Self Service (Voice portal)
  • AQM
  • Advance List Management
  • CXP, Omnichannel
  • Workforce Management
  • Performance Management

Telesales is the act of calling to offer sales to customers. The agents will make calls to offer a client and customer a product or service.


Application Component

  • Aspect Unified IP
  • Self Service (Voice portal)
  • AQM
  • Advance List Management
  • CXP, Omnichannel
  • MIDAS Telesales

Seamless Customer Service coordinates self service with live agent assisted service to

improve first call resolution and enhance the overall customer experience



A proven, feature-rich customer engagement platform, delivered in a convenient cloud, on-premises, or hybrid solution. Simplify omni-channel interactions with superior inbound routing, multi-session contact handling, compliant proactive outreach capabilities and tight integration with industry leading CRM applications.


Provide a consistent customer experience and two-way dialogues over self-service channels such as IVR, SMS and Mobile Web that provide seamless movement from one channel to the next all while preserving contextual consumer information. A Self-service solution.


As customers increasingly turn to social networks for customer service, organizations can make unhappy consumers into customer advocates by turning social monologues into productive dialogues.

What is Customer Self-Service?

Customer self-service includes any method a customer might take to resolve their own problem before they reach out to a live agent. For example, a customer may search the company website for information, use a mobile app, call an IVR, utilize social media or try an automated SMS dialogue. Customers today are very self-sufficient due to the powerful mobile consumer technologies like smartphones and tablets that have become second-nature to them.

Self-service can be proactive as well as reactive – the power of predictive analytics makes it easier than ever before for companies to predict when a customer might need to schedule an appointment, order a prescription refill or transfer funds, and initiate the customer interaction via IVR or text.


Improve Public Safety Using Mobile Technology

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Unified Citizen Communications Mean Streamlined Processes, Enhanced Citizen Engagement, and Improved Public Safety

Across the public sector there is a persistent challenge to best serve community interests and safety while also improving efficiencies and reducing expenditures. There is also the need to reliably and quickly respond to mission critical events while effectively managing day-to-day operations and responding to everyday citizen inquiries – from reporting an incident, to filing a complaint, to getting the latest traffic and transit information.

The key is providing constituents with easy access to resources and programs so they can complete common tasks on their own, freeing scarce human resources to concentrate on situations that demand their level of training and expertise. Aspect’s solutions help government agencies put citizen engagement first while exceeding program goals by unifying and simplifying communications and outreach across voice and text channels, departments and constituents.

Key Capabilities

  • Consistent Omni-Channel Experience:Focus on citizen priorities and present new opportunities for two-way engagement by giving them access to agency resources and connecting them to personnel through any channel (voice response, SMS, chat, email, and social)
  • Proactive Engagement:Give constituents personalized updates and notifications about their inquiries, and up to the minute alerts during emergencies to improve community awareness, public communications, and safety
  • Mobile Self-Service:Give citizens access to information and services through a secure environment whenever, and wherever they want.
  • Mobile Applications:Provide field personnel with contextual information and timely data so they can collaborate with other employees and agencies to make better decisions and respond faster
  • Intelligent Routing:Ensure inquiries and complaints are handled by the best resource available and escalated to the right personnel when needed
  • Workforce Optimization:Improve productivity, monitor processes, maintain service levels, and keep information secure by using monitoring and recording tools, analytics software, and workforce management software
  • Customer Analytics:By capturing speech and text interactions you can use the data to better understand constituents’ needs, so that you can provide better information and resources for future inquiries
  • Data Integrity:Keep agency and citizen information secure and share critical information with other agencies through on-premises and private cloud solutions


A Modern IVR experience your callers will love, enriched with caller intent prediction, context continuity, and artificially intelligent adaption to caller behavior for a more “human” IVR experience.


From AI-powered Interactive Text Response solutions such as Facebook Messenger or SMS chatbots, to mobile solutions fully integrated with the contact center – digital self-service omni-channel experiences that leverage the latest generation of natural language understanding technologies and smartphone capabilities.

Application Component

  • Aspect Unified IP
  • Self Service (Voice portal)
  • AQM
  • CXP (social), Omnichannel
  • Workforce Management
  • Performance Management
  • MIDAS Helpdesk

Key Capabilities

  • Consistent Omni-Channel Experience:Provide exceptional customer care across any combination of voice, SMS, mobile, web and social channels, allowing customers to seamlessly move from a self-service check on an electric bill to a live agent call in order to dispute a certain charge
  • Proactive Customer Care:Alert your customers of upcoming service appointments or billing changes before they happen
  • Mobile Self-Service:Allow customers to report an outage and receive updates during an emergency through a mobile app or SMS alert
  • Intelligent Routing:Make sure incoming service inquiries are handled by the best resource available based on type of customer and current situation (for example, service used or on-going service interruptions)
  • Social Engagement:Prepare your customers for disasters by providing updates and advice on Twitter, Facebook or Google+
  • Security:Help maintain security at power plants and other private locations through password protection and enhanced account safety
  • Workforce Management:Make sure your service personnel arrive at customers’ homes on time by creating effective schedules that require the shortest travel time
  • Seamless Data Access:Personalize the customer experience by informing every interaction with data from enterprise databases and systems. Segment customers by meaningful characteristics such as location, payment history, and recent service requests.
  • Customer Analytics:Capture customer speech and text interactions and give agents a complete history to draw upon when making decisions such as helping a customer chose the best trash pickup option when moving to a new residence
  • Data Integrity:Ensure the integrity of cardholder data for on-premise, hosted IVR, SMS and mobile web applications

Back Office: Enable customers to quickly make a service appointment or report an emergency. Use outbound to proactively push updates or promotions to customers