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“Our commitment is to provide the highest standard in service and technical support for clients”

                            Our commitment is to provide the highest standard in service and technical support, as we strive to become the total info communications company-of- choice in the IT and Telecommunications industries. RCT is the pioneer in implementing the quality system, an indication of our dedication to excellence in service, and our commitment to fine-tune our quality standards against international benchmarks.

Our Staffs

Direk Puplong
Direk Puplongmanaging director
Mutsu Lungmann
Mutsu LungmannGeneral Manager
Ronakorn  Upathampaporn
Ronakorn UpathampapornService Director
 Thanapong  Lappanapranithi
Thanapong LappanapranithiSupport MGR
Pollajak  Satirarat
Pollajak SatiraratSupervisor support
Kreangkai  Hongsakul
Kreangkai HongsakulAssistant Service Manager
Sawarin  Kangsadanphaisan
Sawarin KangsadanphaisanBusiness Development Manager
Piyamas  Yoobang
Piyamas YoobangAdministrator
Apinya  Budarak
Apinya BudarakSenior System Engineer
Anon  Chansuksri
Anon ChansuksriSenior System Engineer
Kwanchai  Sriyuang
Kwanchai Sriyuang Senior System Engineer
Jantab  Pongpaew
Jantab PongpaewSenior System Engineer
Nitipong  Khaimuk
Nitipong KhaimukSenior System Engineer
Panudech  Soparak
Panudech SoparakSale Executive
Ekkachai 	Benjarongkapan
Ekkachai BenjarongkapanProgrammer
Vongkot  Lamsakul
Vongkot LamsakulSystem Engineer
Wachira  Thitapongsathaporn
Wachira ThitapongsathapornSystem Engineer
Onuma  Dechpok
Onuma DechpokSystem Engineer
Sirichai  Rakthong
Sirichai RakthongSystem Engineer
Supanat  Kosakarn
Supanat KosakarnSystem Engineer
Wipawee  Jirattikanon
Wipawee JirattikanonSystem Engineer